Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent

Strange Sally Diamond (2023) by Liz Nugent begins like a darker Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, but soon takes a turn into a much more sinister, disturbing story. The story begins with reclusive Sally Diamond following her father’s instructions to throw him out on the rubbish heap when he dies. Sally is surprised when this action brings about intense attention from police, neighbors, and the media, and soon learns that maybe she shouldn’t take what people say quite so literally. As Sally slowly starts to learn social etiquette and interacts more with neighbors and long-lost relatives, she also starts to learn more about her past. Sally has always known that she was adopted, but the truth about her biological parents is much more sinister and darker than she could have ever imagined. Though Sally is a strange but overall likeable/sympathetic character, the story centers on heavy topics of child abuse, misogyny, and intergenerational trauma. I could hardly press pause while listening to the audiobook version, and this thoroughly engrossing story will appeal to readers who enjoy slow suspense, plot twists, and true crime. 

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