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Miss Scarlet & the Duke

Miss Scarlet and the Duke, PBS Mysteries, offers a captivating blend of mystery, intrigue, and Victorian-era charm that will keep you intrigued throughout the series. Set in 19th century London, the series follows the fearless Eliza Scarlet, who defies societal norms to become London's first female private detective.

Glory Be by Danielle Arceneaux

Glory Broussard, a Black woman with vivid memories of segregation in her hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, likes her routine. After church on Sundays, she settles in at her table in the local coffee shop to run her bookie business. She volunteers with the Red Hat Society, and the rest of the time, seems to be going through the motions after her divorce and the death of her mother.

Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay

One morning an elevator in a New York skyscraper plunges to the ground, killing four people. The next morning, in a different building, another person dies in an elevator incident. By the third day, when another elevator crashes in a different building, it's clear that these are not accidents. Are these attacks targeted or random? Who is behind these attacks and why and how are they happening? With so much of the city only accessible by elevator, New York City comes to a standstill.