Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay

One morning an elevator in a New York skyscraper plunges to the ground, killing four people. The next morning, in a different building, another person dies in an elevator incident. By the third day, when another elevator crashes in a different building, it's clear that these are not accidents. Are these attacks targeted or random? Who is behind these attacks and why and how are they happening? With so much of the city only accessible by elevator, New York City comes to a standstill. Emergency personnel cannot get to people on upper floors, many people who live or work on upper floors try to tackle the hundreds of flights of stairs, only to die from heart complications. The mayor’s office, NYPD, and a journalist set out to find the terrorist behind these crashes before any more lives can be claimed.

Elevator Pitch (2019) by Linwood Barclay is a fast-paced, engaging read for anyone who likes thrillers with interesting twists along the way.

A compelling cast of characters mixed with a truly terrifying scenario kept me captivated. It would make a great movie.

Written by Denise, Adult Services