The library is closed Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27

Unsuccessful Library Card Registration

The library uses a third-party database of mailing addresses to verify your identity.  If your registration was unsuccessful, one of these may have happened:

  • You mis-typed your name, address, email or birthdate
  • Your name and address is not in the database
  • You recently moved to this address so it is not yet in the database
  • Your Wheaton address is not your permanent address, such as for Wheaton College students
  • You live in unincorporated Wheaton and therefore don't pay taxes to the City of Wheaton
  • You don't live in Wheaton even though you own property in Wheaton
  • You don't live in Wheaton, Illinois
You can get a WPL card when you come to the library in-person
  • If you recently moved to Wheaton or your address could not be verified bring one item to verify proof of address: Illinois driver's license or state ID, lease, Bill of Sale/contract for home, automobile registration or mail with a postmark within 60 days.
  • If you're a Wheaton College student bring your school ID.
  • If you live in an unincorporated area but within CUSD 200 you can pay for a WPL card.  The annual fee is based on the tax rate charged to Wheaton residents and everyone in the family receives a card. Bring proof of your current address.
  • If you own property in Wheaton bring the tax bill for the property.
  • If you live in Wheaton, Maryland you can register for a card on the Montgomery County Public Libraries website