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Scan & Digitize

Available in the Tech Center

Scan documents, photos, slides, negatives and VHS to digital format.


Simple Scan

  • Easy to use scanner, follow on-screen prompts
  • Scan documents, as large as 11x17, or photos
  • Send to email or Google Drive
  • Save to USB drive

Photo, Slide and Negative Scanner

  • Scan multiple photos at once that save as separate images
  • Scan negatives and slides with special attachment (ask for it at the Tech Center desk)
  • Edit images before saving
  • Send to email
  • Save to USB drive or CD/DVD

Document Scanner

  • Scan documents or receipts
  • Send to email
  • Save to USB or CD/DVD

Available for Purchase at the Tech Center Desk

  • USB Drive (16GB) - $5 each 
  • DVD-R Disc - $1 each
  • CD-RW Disc - $1 each

Conversion Equipment for Check Out

8mm/Super 8 Film Converter

8mm/Super 8 Film Converter

Convert your 8mm film to digital

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Cassette Player and Converter

Cassette player

Play and record cassette tapes or save to a USB drive.

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Clear Click Video Converter

Video Converter

Record from VCR's, camcorders, DVD/DVR players, gaming devices, and more.

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Portable Scanner


Quickly scan stacks of single and double-sided, color and black and white documents directly to a USB drive.

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Record Player and Converter

Record Player and Recorder

Listen to your LP records and/or save them to a USB drive.

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Slide and Film Converter

Slide and Film Converter

Convert your slides or film negatives to digital

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VHS Converter


Convert your VHS tapes with the Clear Click and VCR.

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