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Starve Acre By Andrew Michael Hurley

When their son, Ewan, tragically dies, Richard and Juliette Willoughby fall into desperate grief and cannot let him go.  While Richard digs into the dirt of their field in an attempt to connect to Ewan, Juliette brings a team of mystics into the house to attempt to contact the child's spirit.  Their bucolic farm becomes dark, menacing and eerie as an evil folklore bogeyman dominates their daily lives.


Deadstream is a hilarious, fast-paced and fun contemporary horror movie. Shawn, a disgraced social media influencer, tries to win back his fanbase by staying in a haunted house alone overnight and livestreaming his experiences. I had a wonderful time, but viewers sensitive to gore may not. 

The Drift by C.J. Tudor

The Drift (2023) by C.J. Tudor is an engaging multiple perspectives thriller, following 3 different groups of survivors in a compelling apocalyptic race to save their own lives in 3 deadly situations that may have something in common. The Drift is fast-paced, plot-driven and may be of interest to readers okay with violence, plague, and apocalyptic themes. 

Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls (2017) by Riley Sager is an intense, fast-paced psychological suspense. Quincy is a "final girl," the only survivor of a college camping trip gone wrong. 10 years later, when another "final girl" who survived her own horror story, Lisa, is found dead, Quincy reconnects with Samantha, a third "final girl" who is just as interested/horrified to learn of Lisa's fate.

Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth

Motherthing is author Ainslie Hogarth's third novel, and it's about a married couple's descent into darkness after the main character's husband loses his mother. A great suggestion for people who love dark humor, unreliable narrators, and disturbing domestic horror. Deals with mental illness, family relationships, dysfunctional families, and death.