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Thor Love and Thunder

The fourth installment in the Thor anthology, Thor Love and Thunder (Disney+, 2022), does not disappoint.  Though story craft is sometimes shoved aside to make room for hot button issues, the story is able to regain it's foothold.  It was nice to see Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson hit it off so well on the screen, it would have been even better to have seen more of that female bonding chemistry.  In the end it is Thor who gets the glory and Natalie Portman's character,  Dr. Jane Foster, who makes the ultimate sacrifice.  There are some rather "silly" scenes, like when Thor temporarily bestows his god-like powers on a group of children who then fight off the spider-like shadow monsters. At another time they are trying to prevent the god killer from killing the gods, but then they kill Zeus. All to say, don't look too closely at the celluloid and you won't be disappointed.


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