Old Babes in the Wood by Margaret Atwood

There is something about Margaret Atwood's writing that I just find eminently readable, and this selection of short stories is no exception. Old Babes in the Wood (2023) is a mixed collection of stories. Many of them follow the lives of an elderly couple – Nell and Tig, with themes of aging, death, and loneliness. You may wonder how much of the content is pulled from Atwood’s own life. Regardless, they are nostalgic, relatable, and bittersweet. Thrown into the mix are a variety of sci-fi, dystopian and fantasy stories, reminding me of some of my favorite Atwood novels. She writes these so well, dabbling with myths, the occult and the outright bizarre.  

I highly recommend this collection of short stories to Atwood fans, those who have yet to discover her and anyone who likes a diverse range of good stories!