NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... By Square Enix

It's summer, but snow is falling in Tokyo. Actually, it's not snow. It's ash. Ash fills the air, strange creatures of shadow stalk the streets, and a boy with a mysterious book struggles desperately to save his little sister from a unknown illness as the world ends.

A thousand years pass. In a town outside the ruins of an ancient metal city, a familiar boy struggles to save his sick little sister. First from her illness, then from the villainous Shadow Lord. Guide the young hero on his journey through the eerie yet beautiful post-apocalyptic world. A land where magic and science exist side by side, and neither are safe. With the help of his friends - a grumpy book, a swordswoman with an acid tongue, and boy who possesses cursed eyes and a heart of gold - he will face vengeful monsters, rampaging robots, and, finally, the Shadow Lord himself.

NieR Replicant, an updated version of the game NieR/Gestalt, preserves the story loved by players around the world, while enhancing their experience with updated graphics, improved game play mechanics, and a full orchestral soundtrack - which won Best Score in the 2021 Game Awards. Working with Square Enix, Director Yoko Taro exceeds expectations bringing this incredible tale to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X. Highly recommended for fans of games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, who find wonder and beauty in the world that comes after the end. You will laugh; you will cry. You will think back on this story long after the final credits roll.