Good Taste by Caroline Scott

I enjoyed Good Taste (2023) by Caroline Scott for its blend of history, romance, and foodie fiction. Set in England during the Great Depression, the story begins with author Stella Douglas looking for her next writing project, which will hopefully sell better than her last book. After her editor suggests that she write a book about the history of English food to “lift the spirits of the nation,” she embarks on a road trip around England looking for recipes and hidden gems. When her car breaks down in a small village and she meets Freddie, a dashing antiques dealer, the entire trajectory of her book and life changes. There is a lot going on in the story, including parent-adult child relationships, unrequited love, class, and a touch of politics, but it all comes together toward the end of the book in a satisfying way. Good Taste is perfect for fans of Tracy Chevalier and Sara Gruen or for those who like strong female characters and historical fiction

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