Convert Your Memories

Have some old family videos you’ve been meaning to get transferred to DVD? Our Tech Center has a new VHS & DVD converter and 8mm converter available for in-house use! Reservations are recommended to secure your time slot, but walk-ins are also welcome. No library card required.

There is no charge to use the library’s conversion equipment. However, you will need to supply your own SD card, USB, or DVD for converting files. These can also be purchased at the Tech Center if you don't have these items handy. Please note that while our VHS converter converts to DVD, USB or SD card, our 8mm converter only converts to SD card.

Curious about how long it will take to transfer your materials? When using the 8mm converter, you can expect the transfer to take about 10x longer than the length of the video. The VHS converter on the other hand does so at the same rate as the video length.

Tech Center staff are available to help with any questions that might come up during your session! If you have questions prior to or after booking your appointment, you can always reach out to the Tech Center at 630-868-7550 or

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