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Chobits Volume 1

Why bother with people when you could have the perfect companion? In a world where personal computers (or persocoms) have been given human form, that is the question that Chobits - the beautifully drawn, thought-provoking science fiction story by CLAMP - explores. A tale of hilarity and heartache, perfect for fans of Fruits Basket.

Hideki Motosuwa, a self-proclaimed country bumpkin, moves to Tokyo in order to attend college prep school and experience life in the big city. When he finds a cute persocom in the trash with no memory, he takes her home and starts to teach her about the world. As the two grow closer, it becomes harder to remind himself that Chi, who seems so alive, is just a machine. Could she, a persocom who seems to possess free will, be one of the legendary Chobits?