Noise Level Zones Policy

Noise Level Zone Policy

The Wheaton Public Library is committed to providing spaces that reflect the diverse needs of our users. In order to provide an environment that is conducive to quiet study, reading and collaboration, the library is divided into noise level zones. It is required, in all zones, that mobile devices should never be loud enough to disturb other people.


In this zone, only silent, independent reading and study is allowed. Users must have their mobile devices off or on silent and may not converse.

Library Silent Zones:

2nd Floor Quiet Study Room


In this zone, users may talk at a whisper. Quiet music through headphones is allowed, but should not be loud enough for neighbors to hear.

Library Quiet Zone:

2nd Floor Northwest Corner

2nd Floor Southwest Corner


In this zone, users may quietly converse and work collaboratively.

Library Conversation Zones:

Entire First Floor

Entire Youth Floor

All Group Study Rooms

2nd Floor Genealogy

2nd Floor Business Resource Center

2nd Floor ESL

Board Approved November 2017

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