Library Use of Photography

Library Use of Photography

In the course of daily operations, the library may take photographs within public areas of the library of the people, places and things that make the Wheaton Public Library a unique and inviting institution. These images can potentially end up on the library website, library social media sites, in other communications from the library to the public, and in other public settings. All images are used solely to promote library programs and services and none of the images are used to generate a profit or for other commercial purposes. No names or other identifying information will be used.

Written permission is not needed for Library staff to take photographs of groups or crowds including children in the library building or during library sponsored events.

If photographing one adult, a staff member must get verbal consent in order to use the photograph as well as use the person’s name in library publicity.

If photographing one child (whose face is identifiable), a staff member must get written consent from the parent or guardian in order to use the photograph in library publicity.

We do our best to make sure everyone being photographed is aware of the situation and the opportunity to decline to participate if they choose. A Library staff member should be notified if an individual does not wish to be photographed. If a library user finds an image of him/her or a family member that they would like removed from library publicity, they are encouraged to contact the library and it will be removed promptly.

Library Board Approved 2012

Revision Approved 7/31/2018

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