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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The Wheaton Public Library (WPL) believes that the natural environment is a key asset to the City of Wheaton, now and for future generations. WPL is committed to minimizing adverse effects of library activities on the environment, and to leading the City in sustainable practices.

WPL will implement practices that promote the health of employees, patrons, and the environment. To support this goal the library will do the following:

  • Operations. WPL will integrate environmental considerations into the operating the library, including procurement of office, cleaning, and catering supplies. WPL will also prefer vendors and products that offer non-toxic, recycled, and recyclable content.
  • Facilities. WPL will use natural resources, including electricity, gas, and water, as efficiently as possible. WPL will aim to reduce the usage of water and energy. WPL will upgrade to more efficient water and energy systems where feasible as technology advances.
  • Waste. WPL will minimize waste by choosing recycled and recyclable products, and products with minimal packaging, wherever possible, and by promoting recycling in the library among staff, patrons, and suppliers.
  • Education. WPL will communicate the commitment to environmental quality to staff, vendors, and patrons. WPL will encourage employee participation in environmentally sensitive practices, and support innovative strategies to reduce the library’s footprint.
  • Continuous improvement. WPL will seek opportunities to improve environmental performance at all times.


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Official Policy 3/21/16

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