Bulletin Board and Sign Policy

Wheaton Public Library features a Community Board and a Job and Volunteer Board on the main level. Both bulletin boards provide resources for the community, such as information about local events, groups, benefits, programs, and job and volunteer opportunities. The Community Board is limited to local events, group meeting information, resources, and fundraisers benefitting non-profit organizations and charities. Preference will be given to free events that benefit non-profit organizations. All religious, political, partisan, or advertising/soliciting items are prohibited.

All materials must be approved and posted by Library staff; members of the public may not post any items. Due to limited space, items may be rejected and/or posted for a limited amount of time, which will be determined by Library staff. The Library has the right to discard items that have been rejected or posted past a certain amount of time. Preference will be given to events, groups, jobs, and volunteer opportunities located in Wheaton.

All signs displayed and posted within the Library building, or outdoors on Library facilities and property must be approved by Library staff. All yard signs must be approved by Library staff and are limited to Library and civic related events and announcements.

Official Policy 10/17/2022

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