Arts & Culture Center Exhibits Policy

Arts and Culture Center Exhibit Policy

Wheaton Public Library (WPL) welcomes local artists to exhibit their work and community groups to present their organization in the exhibit space on the first floor of the library. The purpose of the Arts and Culture Center is to introduce local and regional artists to the public as well as serve as an informational display space for community partners or upcoming events.

WPL seeks to celebrate diversity, foster equity, promote accessibility, and support inclusion. These are essential for institutional excellence and integral to fulfilling our mission to connect our community to literacy, information, ideas, and experiences. In making space available, the library aspires to meet the standards set forth in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. It is important to state that WPL does not endorse the beliefs or viewpoints of the exhibit, display, or community group that is being represented.

The Arts and Culture Center has two gallery walls and a 3-panel moveable partition for hanging art, three display cases of varying sizes and open space for exhibitions.

Application Process

  • Completed applications should be emailed, mailed, or submitted to the library with attention made to the Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Community Engagement Coordinator and Library Director. The decision of both of these parties is final. Exhibitors must submit samples of all work that will be put on display. This can be done in any format that the exhibitor chooses. If library staff feel original work is needed to make a final decision, then the exhibitors will be required to submit original works.


Selection Criteria and Guidelines

  • All displays must meet acceptable community standards.
  • All reservations will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space may be reserved for one calendar month. Display cases and art gallery walls may be scheduled individually or in combination.


Installation Procedures

  • Exhibitors are responsible for the set up and removal of displays in a timely manner and must confirm set up and removal times with the Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Exhibits are subject to the hanging and placing regulations of the library. Exhibitors are responsible for hanging their own work and for providing all necessary materials for organizing an exhibit.
  • WPL reserves the right to remove an exhibit that has been left past the reservation period.
  • Prices for artwork may not be displayed. The exhibitor may leave contact information for interested buyers. All works must stay on display during reservation period. It is encouraged that if artists sell work, they make a 10% donation on all items sold to the Friends of the Wheaton Public Library.



  • WPL assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, possible damage, or theft of any item exhibited.
  • All artists must sign the Arts and Culture Center application that releases WPL from any responsibility for exhibited items.
  • Limited publicity will be provided by WPL (this may include photographs of artwork/exhibit on library website, publications, and/or social media pages), but promotion is primarily the responsibility of the exhibitor.



  • WPL reserves the right to make exceptions to these guidelines in order to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities for display or if the space is otherwise needed for library purposes.
  • WPL reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or curtail an exhibit at any time.


Wheaton Public Library Official Policy 2/17/2020

Arts and Culture Center Application

Wheaton Public Library

225 N. Cross St.

Wheaton, IL 60187

Date: ________________

Name: ______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Email: _______________________________________

Description of exhibit/display: ______________________________________________



The Arts and Culture Center is a public area readily accessible to all ages. You may be asked to submit samples of your work. If you have a website of your work that we can view, please note the URL here:


I, _____________________________________ have read the Arts and Culture Center Exhibit Policy

(print name)

and I understand and agree to all the conditions stated.

_____________________________________________ __________

(Signature of Exhibitor and Owner) (Date)

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