Reading with Rover

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Reading with Rover is a unique program that provides children in grades 2-5 with an opportunity to practice their reading skills by reading aloud to a specially trained therapy dog. The goal of Reading with Rover is to create a positive, non-threatening, and fun environment in which reading is facilitated. Therapy dogs provide the ideal audience in this setting.

How long does my child read to the dog?

Your child is registered for the same 15-minute slot each week for 6 weeks.

Will my child read to the same dog each week?

The dog and handler teams may be different each week. Dogs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Your child may or may not read with the same dog every session.

Is my child required to attend all sessions?

Since space is limited, the Library asks that you encourage weekly attendance. Children who miss two or more sessions may be asked to give up their spot in the program. What if my child has pet allergies or dog fears? The Library does not recommend this program if your child is afraid of or allergic to dogs. Dogs are specially groomed before each visit and the programming room is cleaned after each session.

Who is allowed in the room with the Rainbow dogs and their handlers?

Only the children registered for the program and Library staff may be in the room with the dog teams. No parents or siblings, please. Extra people in the room distract the therapy dogs.

Should my child bring something to read?

Please have your child select a book to read aloud to the dog before the session begins.

What is Rainbow Animal-Assisted Therapy?

This organization provides teams of specially trained and certified dogs and handlers who work with children throughout the Chicago area. All dogs that participate in Reading with Rover must be registered with the organization. For more information about Rainbow Assisted Therapy, please refer to their website.