TED Talks

Be inspired, learn, share

Join us for TED Talk screenings and a community discussion. TED videos are short, inspirational and/or educational videos on a wide range of issues. After the video, there will be time to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss the topic as a group. Learn more about TED

TED Talks are held in the Arts & Culture Center on the Main Floor

TED Talks: The Education System
Thursday, Aug 8 • 7 pm
Register online
Do schools kill creativity?

TED Talks: Unplug! Setting Technology Aside
Thursday, Aug 22 • 7 pm
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How has recent technology affected our social lives and how we function in society?

TED Talks: Get the Message
Tuesday, Oct. 8 • 7 pm
Registration is not required
Learn how to boost your conversation style, spot a liar, and polish your body language.

TED Talks: Head Smart
Tuesday, Oct. 15 • 7 pm
Registration is not required
Learn about a neurologist’s personal journey back from a stroke, how a magician can hack your brain and more.

TED Talks: Choosing the Good Life
Tuesday, Oct. 29 • 7 pm
Registration is not required
Learn how to create more joy in your life, how meaning beats happiness, and the importance of social connections.