With the goal of connecting with area teachers and providing materials outside of what the schools provide, Wheaton Public Library offers Teacher Cards to teachers and other authorized school personnel currently employed by public, private, and parochial schools located within the City of Wheaton or School District 200 boundaries.

Teacher Cards

  • School principals and/or librarians are sent a Teacher Card application each fall and are asked to submit a list of authorized teachers including full name and email address. Once the signed application is returned to WPL, Teacher Cards are created for each authorized teacher.
  • Teacher Cards are exempt from overdue fines. However, teachers are responsible for payment on Lost or Damaged items. If payment is not received for Lost or Damaged items within a timely manner, all Teacher Cards from the school will be blocked from checking out and requesting Book Bags until payment is received.
  • Materials checked out on a Teacher Card must be for classroom use and not for personal borrowing. The number of items checked out from a certain subject area may be limited due to high demand.
  • Those with Teacher Cards may request a Book Bag or may come to WPL to select items themselves. Since there is no physical card, just an account in our system, authorized teachers are asked to present a valid ID (school ID badge, driver’s license, etc.) when checking out items.

Preschool Cards

  • Preschools are considered a business and are offered one library card
  • Preschool cards are not exempt from overdue fines
  • Those with Preschool cards may come to WPL to select items themselves

Home School Services

  • Library cards are given to home school educators who are Wheaton residents
  • Home school educators are not exempt from overdue fines
  • Home school educators may request a Book Bag or may come to WPL to select items themselves

Book Bag Service

Wheaton Public Library offers a Book Bag Service to those who teach preschool through grade 12. Teachers may request items in specific subject areas for use in the classroom. WPL staff members will compile a list of items to fill the request, pull the items, and make them available for pickup at the Checkout Desk on the main floor of WPL. For information on Book Bags for grades 6-12, please visit Teens-Teachers. To request a Book Bag for preschool through grade 5, please fill out the online form below. PDF forms can be emailed to elemsbkb@wheatonlibrary.org or faxed to 630-668-8950.
Book Bag Request - Online form | PDF

  • Please submit Book Bag Requests at least five business days prior to the desired pickup date.
  • Book Bags are picked up at the Checkout Desk on the main floor of WPL. Book Bags not claimed within five days of the pickup date will be re-shelved.
  • All Book Bag items and the actual bags must be returned to WPL.
  • Book Bag items follow the regular library loan periods and renewal rules, unless otherwise approved. See Loan Rules for loan periods.
  • WPL staff will provide as many of the requested items as possible, but we must leave sufficient materials in the circulating collection to accommodate other patrons. WPL staff reserve the right to limit the number of Book Bags requested from a school or a specific teacher if necessary.