Civil War Material in the Collection

Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

R 929.373 SUP

This set of books consists of materials left out of the original Official Records. These materials include: reports not located at the time of original publication; reports not sent in by either the Union or Confederates; correspondences; itineraries of the units; records of events; records of the Secret Service. The set is arranged like the Official Records: chronologically with entries by subject.

Roster of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865

R 929.373 ROS

Taken from over 1200 rolls of microfilm at the National Archives, this set is a cumulative index of all Union soldiers by state, from all branches of the military. For each soldier, the following information is included: name, rank, company, regiment, and state. This set and its companion for the Confederate Army are the best sources for information on all the participants in America’s Civil War.

Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865

R 929.373 ROS

Similar to the Roster of Union Soldiers, this set is also a transcription from a large set of microfilm. All confederate soldiers from all branches of the military and all the Confederate states are included. The following information is included for each soldier: name, rank, company, regiment, and state. Guidelines and tables for further researching and identifying Confederate soldiers and units is included.

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States

R 929.373 MIL

The best collection of first-hand Union accounts, this set was written by men who were active participants in the Civil War. This set, originally published 1887-1915, includes many illustrations, portraits, maps, and plans. This multi-volume series includes a four volume index.

The Union Army

R 929.373 UNI

Another invaluable reprint of an older source, containing information not easily found elsewhere. The first four volumes consist of unit histories, including illustrations. Volumes Five and Six are an encyclopedia of battles, listed chronologically, and include many lesser known conflicts. Volume Seven focuses on the Navy, and is written by Rear Admiral George Brown. Volume Eight contains biographical sketches of all major and brigadier generals of the Union Army, as well as some supplemental biographies of enlisted men. Volume Nine is a fully cross-referenced index.

Roll of Honor

R 929.373 UNI

This set is a listing of all those who fought in the Union Army and died during the Civil War who are buried in national cemeteries. The volumes were published as they surveyed each battlefield after the war, disinterred the bodies from their original burial sites near the battle grounds, and reburied the soldiers in their home states. The volumes are arranged by state and by cemetery. Information on each soldier includes name, rank, regiment, company, and date of death, with the names of the deceased arranged alphabetically by burial site.

Encyclopedia of the Confederacy

R 973.713 ENC

This is another very comprehensive history of the U.S. Civil War, but this time with an emphasis on the role and perspective of the Confederacy. As well as histories of campaigns and battles, this four-volume set includes biographical sketches; discussion of the government, politics, economics, and foreign affairs of the Confederacy; roles of ethnic minorities, women, slaves, and free African-Americans; and the cultural life of the South. An appendix reprints some of the key documents of the Confederacy, such as the Confederate Constitution, and the terms of surrender.

Southern Loyalists in the Civil War: the Southern Claims Commission

R 929.373 MIL

This volume is an index to the records of the Southern Claims Commission, which was created after the Civil War to reimburse pro-Union Southerners for their losses in the war. Over 20,000 cases were filed by individuals, families, churches, and businesses. The information submitted in their case files includes family letters and Bibles, wills and probate records, personal accounts, and property inventories. This index to the case files lists each claimant, his county and state, the Commission number, office number, report number, year, and status of the claim.

Confederate P.O.W.s

R 929.373 ING

This volume gives access to a hard-to-find group of people - the Confederate soldiers and sailors who died in Federal prisons and military hospitals in the North. Arranged by prison or hospital, this index gives the name of the prisoner, his rank, company, regiment, date of death, and where the soldier was buried.

History of the Thirty-Sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, During the War of the Rebellion

R 973.7473 BEN

A volume sure to be of interest to local historians, this Civil War work looks at one Illinois regiment, also known as the “Fox River Regiment”, as many of its members came from that area. More personal than many history books, this book’s smaller focus makes it interesting. The book is arranged roughly chronologically, but also contains many chapters that simply describe daily life for these soldiers. There is also a complete roster of everyone in the regiment.

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois for the Years 1861-1866

R 929.3773 REP

The first eight volumes of this set, published by the Illinois Adjutant General, is a comprehensive source for information on the Illinois regiments that participated in the Civil War. Compiled from the original rosters and arranged by regiment, this source gives narratives of most of the Illinois units, listing all men by rank, and giving their disposition (whether killed, wounded, transferred, or mustered out).

Many of these materials were purchased in part through a grant. Funding for this grant was provided by the Illinois State Library, a Division of the Office of Secretary of State, using federal LSTA funding.

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