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Mobile Printing
Print documents, photos, email, and web content from your laptop or mobile device to the library's printer in Computer Services. Send a print job from home too! Print in black and white or color.

Follow these steps:

  • Send a print job to the library using one of these three methods
    • Go to WPL's Mobile Printing website
    • Forward an email to one of these addresses for black and white or color printouts
      wpl-wirelessbw@printspots.com   or  wpl-wirelesscolor@printspots.com
    • Download the PrinterOn app for Android or iPad/iPhone
  • Go to any of the library's Print Release Stations to release your print job
  • Enter payment (cash only) in the coin box to release the print

Good to know:

  • Printouts cost 10¢ per page for black and white and 25¢ per page for color
  • Color printouts are available only at the printer in Computer Services on the main floor
  • Print jobs not released within 24 hours will be deleted
  • iPad/iPhone cannot print web pages
  • Android devices can print web pages, documents and photos using the website, email or the app
  • You cannot print secure websites (boarding passes, bank statements, etc.) with the URL. You must save the page as a PDF, then print the saved file.

Need detailed instructions? Website ~ eMail ~ PrinterOn Apps

Print Release Stations
Four print-release stations offer black and white printouts for 10 per page. Color printouts are available for 25 per page at the printer in Computer Services. The print release stations accept cash only. Documents are held for 24 hours.

  • 1st Floor Computer Services - color and black/white available here
  • 1st Floor Genealogy area
  • 2nd Floor Reference Desk
  • Children's Department near the Information Stations

Detailed Setup and Printing Instructions

Web Printing Website (PC, laptop, Android device)

  • Go to the library's Web Printing website
  • Select the printer: Black and White or Color
  • Type your email address in the box (to identify your document at the Print Release Station)
  • Browse for a file on your laptop or enter the URL of a website
  • Click the Next button
  • Change the page orientation, number of copies or select pages to print
  • Click the Next button
  • Wait for the pricing information, then approve the print job by clicking on the green printer icon
  • After your request has been processed you may release it at any of the Print Release Stations in the library
  • NOTE: You cannot print secure websites (boarding passes, bank statements, etc.) in this manner. You must save the item as a PDF, then follow the instructions for printing a saved file.

eMail (PC, laptop, Android device, iPad, iPhone)

  • Add wpl-wirelessbw@printspots.com and wpl-wirelesscolor@printspots.com to your contacts for easy access
  • Find the email you wish to print, attachments to an email will print separately
  • Forward it to the library printer in your contacts list
  • You will receive an email with a secure release code to use at any of the Print Release Stations

PrinterOn App - iPad and iPhone

  • Install the PrinterOn app
  • Tap Search to search for the library's printer
    • Type Wheaton in the searchbox then tap Wheaton Public Library
    • Tap the folder in the top right corner, tap Save
  • Tap Settings, tap Username/Address and type a username to identify your document at the Print Release Station
  • To print photos, tap the Photos button and select the photo to print
  • To print documents, use the Open In... feature in other apps and send to PrinterOn

PrinterOn App - Android Device

  • Install the PrinterOn app
  • Select the library's printer
    • Tap Manage Printers, then tap Search
    • Type Wheaton in the box, then tap Go
    • Tap Wheaton Public Library, then tap Save
    • Tap My Printers to see the library's printer in your list
    • Go back to main screen
  • Create an Account
    • Tap Settings
    • Tap Account Information, then tap Add
    • Type a name and password to identify your document at the Print Release Station
    • Tap box next to Use as Default if you wish to use this name every time, the tap Save
    • Go back to main screen
  • Print using the App - Open the PrinterOn App
    • Tap Gallery to select a photo from your gallery and print
    • Tap Explorer to locate a document saved on your device and print
    • Tap Contacts to find contact information and print
    • Tap Web to search websites and print
  • Print without going through the App (app must be installed)
    • PrinterOn is added to the Share menu in the gallery and browser
    • PrinterOn is added to the Send menu for documents